How to verify our notifications.
Once the payout is confirmed by the bank, Pagsmile will send a notification to the merchant notification URL informing you of the result of the transaction. This URL is defined when submitting the payout transaction, by using the notify_url parameter for each payout request. Notification will retry 6 times when your processing failed.
which defined when submitting the payout transaction.

Authorization Check

  • Get callback's body parameters, and sort them ascendingly.
  • Concatenate sorted_params with app_key.
  • Use sha256(sorted_params + app_key) to generate App Authorization.
  • Get Pagsmile Authorization from callback's Header.
  • Verify if Pagsmile Authorization matches with App Authorization.
When sorting parameters, strip the ones with no value.

Notification Events

  • PAID
By now, both SPEI & Pagsmile Wallet supported REFUNDED notification.

Notification Example

curl --location --request POST $your_notify_url \
--header 'Authorization: $pagsmile_authorization' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"payoutId": "TS202202071548044sGt3ADbmpGsPB",
"custom_code": "custom_code_test",
"status": "PAID",
"msg": "success",
"timestamp": 1628564650

Notification Retries

Pagsmile will send notifications with the following schedule of retries and confirmation awaiting times. You must return an HTTP STATUS 200 (OK) with response data "success" before the corresponding time expires. If not, it will be assumed that you did not receive it correctly and you will be notified again.
It is recommended that you respond to the notification before executing business logic or prior to accessing external resources so as not to exceed the estimated response times.
This communication is exclusively between the servers of Pagsmile and your server, so there will not be a physical user seeing any type of result.
Time after first dispatch
1st retry
10 minutes
2nd retry
30 minutes
3rd retry
60 minutes
4th retry
120 minutes
5th retry
360 minutes
6th retry
840 minutes
Our notifications will be sent from these IP addresses, please add them to your whitelist.