Requirements to Install Plugin

  1. Contact us and ask for our plugin, we will send you the .zip file containing the plugin.

  2. Onboard on our system, and create your Merchant Id, APP_ID and SECURITY_KEY & PUBLIC_KEY.

Install Plugin

  1. Go to Woocommerce Admin Page, and go to

Plugins -> Adicionar novo -> Enviar plugin -> Select the plugin -> Instalar agora

  1. Wait till the auto-install finishes.

  1. Once the installation is completed, click on Enable Plugin to automatically jump to the plugin list, and then click on our plugin'sSettings .

Click on the Settings button.

  1. When in the Pagsmile configuration page, fill up the APP_ID,SECRET_KEY,and PUBLIC_KEY you have. Also select enable deposit express sandbox to enable test environments (do not modify sandbox environment params).

While testing, always keep sandbox checkbox on.

  1. Ready to test

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