How to use Khipu to submit a payin in Argentina.

Payin by Khipu


This endpoint allows you to submit a payin by Khipu in Argentina.


Request Body


User payment tips

  • Redirect users to the pay_url to complete the payment

  • KHIPU works as an interface that connects the user with the Bank platform and simplifies the bank transfer flow, therefore, the user document id, Clave (Password/PIN), and username that users enter on KHIPU should be the same as the one they used to enter their e-banking


curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic MTYyNTgyOTIxNDUzMTY2Mzg6UGFnc21pbGVfc2tfZDUwMWQ1ZGNkNTI5OGQ5N2MwNmUzYjI4YjA2OWZjZmY3NDU5ZjY2NzNiMjFjMTFlYTY3NDM5MDgzOTZkOTYxNQ==' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    * "app_id": "162************38",
    * "out_trade_no": "202201010354006",
    * "method": "Khipu",
    * "order_amount": "50",
    * "order_currency": "ARS",
    * "subject": "trade pay test",
    * "content": "trade pay test conent",
    * "notify_url": "http://merchant/callback/success",
      "return_url": "",
    * "buyer_id": "buyer_0101_0001",
    * "timestamp": "2022-01-01 03:54:01",
    * "bank" : "Si9wa",    
    * "customer" : {
    *     "identify": {
    *         "type": "DNI",
    *         "number": "40754127"
    *     "name": "Test User Name",
    *     "email": "",
    *     "phone": "5491132463876"

Note: 162************38 is pagsmile's test app id for sandbox, and MTYyNTgyOTIxNDUzMTY2Mzg6UGFnc21pbGVfc2tfZDUwMWQ1ZGNkNTI5OGQ5N2MwNmUzYjI4YjA2OWZjZmY3NDU5ZjY2NzNiMjFjMTFlYTY3NDM5MDgzOTZkOTYxNQ== is authorization token associated with the test app id.

Please use your own app_id and generate your own authorization token when testing.

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